Somewhere #1

Somewhere is our new travel blog, interviewing people from different cities around the world. Just as Sorato embraces the story in each unique Moroccan Kilim bag, we wanted to share with you the story of a different place and person each week. We value individuality, and every piece we hand make is one of a kind- just like the people of the world. Get to know them and the amazing cities they live in. Hopefully, it will inspire you to travel and use their tips...


Ana Barcelona- New York City Interview

Ana is a graduate from Roger Williams University and moved to Manhattan to pursue her business degree working at KIND Snacks in their Finance Department. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places. During college, she spent a semester abroad in Australia and was able to travel to New Zealand and Indonesia as well! Ana loves exploring everything that NYC has to offer and would recommend visiting it to anyone.


Ana Barcelona NYC Interview


Where is your favorite brunch spot?

    Agave in the West Village or the Flying Cock in Murray Hill are both good choices for bottomless brunch. For Agave, make reservations early in the week to make sure you get a table. Flying Cock doesn't take reservations unless you're a huge group so go early and get in line, it's worth it! 


    Best date night?

    There’s a lot to choose from in NYC! You could walk around in Central Park or see a show. I recently saw the Rockette's, which was incredible! During the summer, I rented bikes and biked over the Brooklyn Bridge. Definitely one of my favorite things I've done since living in the city. Now that it’s cold outside, there are a few places to go ice skating, which is always fun.


    A song that defines it?

    Empire State of Mind is a classic NYC song (and one that is always stuck on my head!)


    Where is a good shopping area?

    I live in the Financial District and there's a new mall called the Westfield World Trade Mall that just opened. The building is designed very well and there are a ton of shops in there. Eataly also just opened up there on the third floor! 


      Where to go for a fun night on the town?

        East Village! There's so many bars there that you can go from one to the next and you'll never get sick of a place. If you're looking for more of a rooftop with a cool view, go somewhere in midtown. (The Refinery Hotel, The Press Lounge, The Archer Hotel to name a few).


        Something only heard in NYC?

        Probably directions- going uptown or downtown. And whenever you take the subway there are different lines. Instead of saying, you can take the 4 or the 5 train, people just call it the 4/5 line or the 2/3 line. It confuses people that are not from NYC.


          Any cool relaxing places you like to unwind at?

            My company did a volunteer event on Governors Island and I went back with my family this summer because I loved it so much. You can rent bikes and spend the day there. It definitely feels like you've escaped the city. There's a ferry from Seaport that takes you over there for a few bucks.


            Hidden treasure spots or shops?

              South Street Seaport is a really fun area. There are restaurants, shops, bars and fun places to walk around. It's beautiful and there are views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges too. I took a boat cruise from there (The Hornblower) and saw different parts of Manhattan, which was nice and relaxing. I go on Groupon a lot because there are always things to do in NYC on there. I also use Yelp a lot to find great restaurants.


                Tips for getting around?

                  I love the subway. It's so cheap and easy to get around. If you download Google maps and select metro and it will tell you which line to take. It's confusing at first, but easy to get the hang of. I've never rented the citi bikes, but if you do, make sure you read the rules prior because you have to dock the bikes after a certain amount of minutes. I've also heard they are kind of heavy to ride, but not sure because I haven't rented them before. I also love Uber whenever we go out. It's easy to split rides between people and you aren't going that far so it's cheap. 


                    Last but not least, if NYC was an animal, what would it be?

                      I would probably say a cheetah because it's such a fast pace city. There's always something going on.


                      Now hit the road and see the world!

                      Bon Voyage,

                      Kelly Fitzsimmons