Somewhere #2

Somewhere is our new travel blog, interviewing people from different cities around the world. Just as Sorato embraces the story in each unique Moroccan Kilim bag, we wanted to share with you the story of a different place and person each week. We value individuality, and every piece we hand make is one of a kind- just like the people of the world. Get to know them and the amazing cities they live in. Hopefully, it will inspire you to travel and use their tips...

Jamie Rolston- Los Angeles, USA Interview

Jamie is a college student studying Public Relations and French at University of Oregon. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and lives there still when she’s not at school. She loves the nice weather, beaches, and the LA lifestyle.


Jamie Rolston LA Tips


Where is your favorite brunch spot? 

There are so many amazing brunch spots in LA, it would be hard to list all of them! Some of my favorites are small, local places in West Los Angeles, like Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. It’s in Manhattan Beach, and it’s great for a casual brunch by the beach. Urth Caffé is an amazing spot, and they have multiple locations in Los Angeles— the Santa Monica location is closest to where I live, so that’s where I go! My favorite brunch item on their menu is a quiche (they have a few variations, but I always go for the spinach-mushroom) and a latté! French restaurant Bottega Louie in downtown Los Angeles has a great weekend brunch if you can beat the traffic and find a parking spot!


Any good date night ideas?

For a fun date night, a couple could check out one of the various museums LA has, like LACMA, and then head to a bar, like the Library Bar in downtown LA. In the summer, the Santa Monica Pier hosts free concerts weekly, so a picnic and a bottle of wine and a free concert on the beach would be a perfect summer date night! And of course, watching the sunset by the beach is always romantic and always in season in Los Angeles.


If LA was an animal, what would it be?!

If Los Angeles was an animal, I think it would be a dolphin because they are fun, easy-going and live in the ocean!


Where are the best shopping areas?

My favorite shopping area is the outdoor mall at the third street promenade! It can get really crowded during the summer, but it is nice to shop at an outdoor mall and has a great selection of stores. Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach can be a fun place to check out and has tons of restaurants nearby. The Grove is a classic LA spot to shop, and the Melrose Trading Post is a fun way to find unusual things.


How would you describe LA in one word?

In my opinion, a word that describes Los Angeles would be “lively.”


Where would you go for a fun night on the town?

Any of the places I’ve mentioned on this list are fun for a night on the town! With so many concert venues, museums, restaurants and bars, the possibilities are endless for a night on the town.


 Manhatten Beach

Any cool relaxing places you like to unwind at?

My favorite spot to relax is the beach! Personally I love Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach (pictured above) because those are my local spots, but Malibu has some really cool hidden beaches that are great for a private beach day.


Have any hidden treasure spots or shops?

Abbot’s Pizza on Abbot Kinney might be overlooked despite being on such a crowded street, but it’s a must-visit; their slices of “salad pizza” (with spicy ranch) are absolutely delicious. Malibu Farms restaurant on the Malibu Pier has amazing food, and located at the end of the pier, offers an amazing view for your lunch. Amoeba Records in central Los Angeles offers the best selection of records, cd’s, dvd’s, and posters, and oftentimes they have great sales and free concerts in store! The Broad, LA’s newest museum, houses an incredible collection of contemporary art and is free, though I suggest reserving tickets online in advance or getting there early to beat the crowd (pictured below). The Griffith observatory is a well-known spot, but is absolutely worth the visit for a panoramic view of the city. Grand Central Market in downtown LA is filled with a number of great food vendors, like EggSlut, McConnel’s Fine Ice Cream, and Madcapra. On the Santa Monica Pier, you can take flying trapeze lessons— there are so many amazing spots in Los Angeles.


The Broad Museum Jamie


What’s the best way to get around?

LA’s downfall is that it is lacking in good public transportation, so my recommendation would be to rent a car or call an uber (just try to avoid rush hour and use uber pool). If you’re by the beach, definitely rent a bike and ride on the strand.


Last but not least, any funny stories about life in LA?

In high school I worked at a frozen yogurt store near my house, and of course we had regular customers. There was one man who came in every Sunday evening and ordered the same thing; however, I didn’t think anything of it and assumed he was a local man from the area. After weeks of this same encounter reoccurring, I served the man again and he went on with his night and I continued to work my shift. When he left the store, my coworker stopped me and said, “You know who that is, right?” I was confused, because I didn’t know why he would be so shocked about a regular customer coming in. When he realized I didn’t know who he was, he replied, “That’s Steve Nash— he plays for the Lakers!” Leave it to LA to have celebrities as regulars at your frozen yogurt store— he even had a loyalty card.

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